Luxurious Maybach Style rechargeable 12 volt kids ride-on car

This SPORTrax rechargeable 12 volt kids ride-on car is every bit as desirable as its adult version. A remote control is included and can be used to help control the car for younger riders.

SPORTrax rechargeable 12 volt kids ride-on car
SPORTrax rechargeable 12 volt kids ride-on car

BUYHit the music button on the steering wheel and the car plays music.

  • Single Rider (seat width 16″),
  • Speed: 2-5 mph;
  • Battery: 1-12V 7Ah battery
  • Car runs up to 48-90 MINUTES per charge
  • Remote Control, Horn,
  • MP3 Connection to Play Child’s Favorite Music
  • MP3 Player included with car
  • Volume Knob on Dash for Music
  • Forward and Reverse Gears
  • Rubber Center Strip on Tires for Traction on Hard Surfaces

The SPORTrax Limited Edition Maybach Style Luxury Kid’s Ride On Car is one of the hot new releases in the Toys and Games Department at Amazon.

Lopifit the Dutch Treadmill Bike runs around on wheels

This treadmill bike is a great solution for people that don’t want to sit on a bike for various reasons. The Lopifit treadmill bike is becoming popular in the Middle East and I can think of why. You simply can’t bike wearing a jellabiya. But you can walk on a bike wearing a jellabiya!

Lopifit Treadmill Bike
The Lopifit Treadmill Bike brings you where ever you want to go

Lopifit Treadmill Bike

The Lopifit treadmill bike is a totally new way of moving. With the electric assist it takes no more effort to walk then “a walk in the park”. The electric assist in combination with the gear is boosting your walking pace up to the speed of a regular bike.

When you are walking on the Lopifit treadmill bike, you push the treadmill backwards with your feet. A sensor is registrating the movement off the treadmill and gives a signal to an electronic device which will activate the motor. The motor now supports you to continue the walking movement. Using the brake will shut off the motor immediately. If you are going downhill a freewheel function is activated.

treadmill bike
Doesn’t this look comfortable?

Lopifit Walking Bike for outdoor fitness

Lopifit started as a small idea when I was training in the Gym. How can I use the treadmill outdoors? What about a treadmill on wheels? So from my living room I started to make my first Lopifit and took my exercise outdoors. Even my wife loves it! The Lopifit is a totally new way of moving. With the electric assist, it takes no more effort to walk than “a walk in the park”. The electric assist, in combination with the gear, boosts your walking pace up to the speed of a regular bike! If you are tired of just peddling on the bike or getting exhausted during long walks? Move different: Lopifit.

Watch the inspiring story of the Lopifit Treadmill Bike

More information about the Lopifit Treadmill Bike.

What Can Treat Eczema

What Can Cure Eczema?

Revitol Eczema cream is an awesome skin protectant. It is an efficient emollient, and works as an outstanding inflammatory. You can add colloidal oat meal to bath water. This ensures your bath water has a soothing milky structure. It conveniences scaling and itching skin. Colloidal oat meal also has antipruritic results. Due to this, the eczema cream can also treat scarring and burn wounds.
How to treat eczema
Revitol cream is natural, and does not trigger any negative effects. It consists of important ceramides in the form of lipids. According to scientific research, people experiencing eczema have fewer ceramides in the external layer of the skin. This cream can change the ceramides and substantially improve your eczema condition.
Revitol Eczema cream returns the skin’s protective function to typical. Thus, your skin is safeguarded versus any infections. The cream can be made use of on the safe. It does not trigger any undesirable or adverse effects. Revitol minimizes skin discomfort, inflammation, dryness, and even reduces different signs of aging.
For more information visit the website


Leonard tortoise round-eye Leonard sunglasses

Illesteva plastic round-eye Leonard tortoise sunglasses. 

Tortoise Sunglasses Women. Round eye-shape. Available in Tortoise and black. Green mirrored lenses. Other colors available. Illesteva’s round-frame ‘Leonard’ sunglasses have been handmade in France. These acetate pairs are stamped with contrasting silver ‘I’ motifs and comes in a cool leather hard case. The retro Illesteva “Leonard” sunglasses will complement linear features of a square, oblong, triangle, or diamond-shaped faces. You’ll love how the moderate size adds mystique, but doesn’t overpower your look. Buy Leonard tortoise sunglasses now.

Leonard sunglasses
Illesteva tortoise plastic round-eye Leonard sunglasses.
Leonard tortoise sunglasses
Leonard tortoise sunglasses in green
Leonard tortoise sunglasses
Leonard tortoise sunglasses

In the summer of 2014, Illesteva introduced a silver mirrored lens for all the Leonard fans out there as well as a variety of new frame colors for those infatuated with big brother Leonard II. Big brother has been upgraded with variety of new frames ranging from a translucent blue to the dark Half/Half Spider. The new silver mirrored Leonards transition perfectly for New York summers: stormy in the morning but sunny in the afternoon.

Other Leonard tortoise sunglasses colors available

Leonard tortoise sunglasses
Leonard tortoise sunglasses
Leonard tortoise sunglasses
Leonard tortoise sunglasses
Leonard Round Horn-Pattern Sunglasses with Mirror Lens
Leonard Round Horn-Pattern Sunglasses with Mirror Lens

More about Leonard tortoise sunglasses

Choose your own lens, front, and side colors. Available on Fancy. Find Tortoise Sunglasses Men’s.

ILLESTEVA also has umbrella’s besides Leonard tortoise sunglasses.

Yellow Gold Bathtub

The Aquamar Stone One Split Gold Bathtub by the Belgium Aquamass, features a matte white interior made from Cristalplant and an exterior expertly layered with the finest gold leaf. The deep soaking basin allows for superior comfort while relaxing after a long day. 

Yellow Gold Bathtub
Yellow Gold Bathtub

The Aquamar Split Finish Gold Bathtub is a striking soaking bathtub that brings opulence and unmistakable quality into luxurious bath spaces. This split finish tub has a matte white interior made from Cristalplant and an exterior expertly layered with the finest gold leaf. The wing-like silhouette allows for superior comfort while soaking after a long day. Select the ideal gold hue for your bathroom.

Gold Bathtub information

  • Made from Cristalplant- a composite material specifically designed for the constraints of sanitary ware. The great advantages of this material are its strength, its structural stability, thermal and acoustic insulation, easy maintenance, and high-level resistance to decay and damage.
  • Center drain positioning.
  • Sorry, it’s not a Solid Gold Bathtub. But the exterior is expertly layered with 24 karat gold leaf.
  • Please Note: This Gold Bathtub comes complete with a chrome drain. However if you are using this bathtub in the United States you will need to purchase a drain separately that is compatible with US plumbing codes.
  • Bathtub measures 66.375″ W X 34″ D X 20.875″ H and weighs 408 lbs.

Gold Bathtub sizes

Aquamar Split Finish Tub
Aquamar Split Finish Tub

Like more about Gold Bathtubs? While gold may be considered somewhat out of fashion in today’s world, it’s still adored by the Chinese. A gold colored iPhone 5s doesn’t hold a candle to an iPhone MADE out of actual gold. From things like high heels, ties, bras and Gold Bathtubs in China gold has been used to make just about anything you can image.

More for your luxury bathing in your Gold Bathtub

Delft Blue

There is something special about Delft Blue. It’s not only the colors, it is the clean crispy feel of the historic pottery which represents the term Delft Blue or, as they call it in Dutch, Delfts Blauw.

Delft Blue

The funny thing is, that tourists visiting The Netherlands, love to buy Delft Blue, especially when they visit the historic small city of Delft, they love visiting the old pottery factory. It is big business. But when I see Chines tourists buying Delft Blue, there is something to know, this is the funny part. Did you know that the original Delft Blue is not from the Netherlands but from China? During the V.O.C. time, (1568–1648), called the Dutch Golden Age, Chinese porcelain was imported from China. And it was white and blue. Delftware became popular and was widely exported in Europe and reached back to China and Japan. Chinese and Japanese potters made porcelain versions of Delftware for export to Europe.

So you see, what comes from far is good, but looking closely to what your own country has to offer is better, it saves a lot of sailing and petrol.

Sony Action Cam Dog Mount

Get the unique home movie you’ve always wanted and learn just what it is that your pooch does when you’re not around with this Sony Action Cam Dog Mount designed for the robust outdoors HDR-AS15 video camera. 

Sony Action Cam Dog Mount
Sony Action Cam Dog Mount

This quality harness will keep the camera steady while your canine friend is busy exploring the outside world, giving you a special dog’s-eye-view on the proceedings when you finally retrieve the footage. The lightweight, comfortable plastic mount is great if you and your dog like to take extreme outings (caves, mountains, rivers!), and then re-watch the highlights later from a whole new perspective!

Sony Action Cam Dog Mount
Sony Action Cam Dog Mount for unexpected views…

BUYThe Sony Action Cam Dog Mount features:

  • Dog harness mount AKA-DM1
  • Designed for HDR-AS15 Sony Action Cam (widely available)
  • Suitable for dogs only
  • Fits dog sizes with stomach circumference 50-80cm (19.7-31.5″), weight 15kg (33.1 lb).
  • Size: 180mm x 50mm x 150mm (7.1 x 2 x 5.9″)
  • Weight: around 128g (4.5 oz)
  • Made of plastic.

And Action!

Umbrella design

It’s autumn. It’s raining. You want to stay dry, keep your hairdo in place. The thing you need is…

an umbrella

Let’s check out the umbrella’s we spotted on Fancy. We can think of an umbrella as a round cover, but when we think about it, what it really needs to do is protect us from the rain AND wind. Let’s re-think shape and function a bit today.

Get noticed

What if we want to walk at night, and we want to stay visible for car traffic, who have a hard time seeing things clearly with rainy shields. Our tip is to get noticed with the Hi-Reflective Umbrella.By day this is a classic dark grey umbrella. By night the super reflective hi-vis material will help you be seen, get noticed and stay safe. And, of course, keep you dry.
Super tough, windproof, telescopic umbrella design, folds down for convenience. Made from brightly reflective material.

Hi-Reflective Umbrella
Hi-Reflective Umbrella – $39 USD

Wear flowers

Sometimes, the ‘new’ is much closer than you think. You might not have noticed it because you did not see the possibilities.
Rosella is an ordinary umbrella with three circles and printed patterns. When it is folded after use, Rosella resembles a dewy rose. The intention of Rosella is simply to bring cheer on a rainy day.

Rosella Umbrella by Alluy
Rosella Umbrella by Alluy – $38 USD
Rose umbrella
And folded in …

Hands free

Stay dry in your own mobile communication center. Isn’t this what we always wanted? Why didn’t we think of this before? Your own private bubble umbrella. This is Nubrella and it wants to protect you against rain, wind, sleet, snow and extreme cold.
With its new aerodynamic oval design with extended coverage wind now flows over and around the canopy thus completely denying the possibility to invert. No more struggling to maintain your umbrella in the proper position. Simply strap on the shoulder support and walk completely hands free even in significant winds. Also with the extended coverage you will be completely protected from wind chill and extreme cold. You will be amazed on how much warmer you will feel while using your Nubrella.

Nubrella Hands Free Umbrella
Nubrella Hands Free Umbrella – $60 USD

All for the hair

Not to protect you from rain, but it has to do with hair. Isn’t this a great invention? Haircut umbrella catches the annoying hair clippings that would normally fall into your clothes and onto the floor. Eliminates the need for sweeping and vacuuming.

Haircut Umbrella
Haircut Umbrella – $15,00

Redesign the umbrella

Imagine getting soaked by a car-splash, on your way to work or an important meeting. The Rain Shield offers a shield-like umbrella and is crafted with a single curved steel wire and a telescopic rod. It has no pointed ends or sharp edges, and it won’t blow inside out in windy conditions. Now the wind comes from one direction usually, so this umbrella makes totally sense! Designer Liu Li-Hsiang demonstrates in this video how this umbrella easily folds and compresses into a 180-millimeter-diameter disc that can be stored in a bag. Have a look at the video and judge for yourself.

Designers: Lin Min-Wei & Liu Li-Hsiang

Design the inside

I wonder who started designing the inside of the umbrella. Mostly outsides of umbrella get the design attention, but watch these lovely inside designed umbrella’s… they just make you smile…

Pink Flower Umbrella by Illesteva
Pink Flower Umbrella by Illesteva
Sky Umbrella $48 USD
Sky Umbrella
$48 USD

Designed by Tibor Kalman and Emanuela Frattini Magnusson in 1992, the Sky Umbrella’s exterior gives away nothing more than a plain, black canopy and a simple wooden handle. Once opened, the umbrella’s interior reveals a cheerful blue sky dotted with fluffy, white clouds.

Recycle your umbrella

And you know what to do when the wind catches hold of your umbrella. Recycle it!

Broken umbrella
Broken umbrella

Recycle your umbrella
Recycled umbrella

More umbrella


The HTC RE isn’t supposed to compete with the popular action Go Pro cam… it won’t stick to your raft of surfboard, BUT for $200.- this is a neat little ‘periscope’ to attach to modest moving objects. 

HTC Re for modest movements

So yes! We love it! HTC has announced this waterproof, wide-angled digital camera, the RE, capable of taking still photographs and videos that is not for sale YET. We will keep you posted on our Fancy tube.


BUYExperts said the device would compete with GoPro’s products, but that it compared unfavourably to them. The RE is 9.7cm (3.8in) tall and weighs 65.5g (2.3oz), making it lighter but taller than GoPro’s cameras.

I just wonder what taking a selfie would look like with the HTC RE, like an asthma inhaler?

St. Martin’s Day Lampion with your own name and image

Custom cut lampion with your own name and image? Dutch De WonderWerkplaats cuts these fancy childrens lampions where kids can choose from various pictures and have their own name cut out. 

St. Martin's Day custom lampion
St. Martin’s Day custom lampion
St. Martin's Day custom lampion
St. Martin’s Day custom lampion
St. Martin's Day custom lampion
St. Martin’s Day custom lampion

lampionThe lampions are made of plastic so no rain can harm the lampions.

St. Martin was known as friend of the children and patron of the poor. This holiday originated in France, then spread to Germany, Scandinavia, and Eastern Europe. It celebrates the end of the agrarian year and the beginning of harvesting.[4] From the late 4th century to the late Middle Ages, much of Europe, including the UK, engaged in a period of fasting beginning on the day after St. Martin’s Day, November 11. This fast period lasted 40 days, and was therefore, called “Quadragesima Sancti Martini”, Latin for “the forty days of St. Martin.” Sundays were not counted as part of the fasting period. Gaudete Sunday, which can fall anywhere between December 11 through 17, was also not counted as a day of fasting, thus giving the 40-day count. On St. Martin’s Eve, people ate and drank very heartily one last time before they started to fast. This period of fasting was later shortened and called “Advent” by the Church.

The goose became a symbol of St. Martin of Tours because of a legend that when trying to avoid being ordained bishop he had hidden in a goose pen, where he was betrayed by the cackling of the geese. St. Martin’s feast day falls in November, when geese are ready for killing. St. Martin’s Day was an important medieval autumn feast, and the custom of eating goose spread to Sweden from France. It was primarily observed by the craftsmen and noblemen of the towns. In the peasant community, not everyone could afford to eat goose, so many ate duck or hen instead.

Though no mention of Saint Martin’s connection with viticulture is made by Gregory of Tours or other early hagiographers, he is nonetheless credited with a prominent role in spreading wine-making throughout the Touraine region and facilitating the planting of many vines. The Greek myth that Aristaeus first discovered the concept of pruning the vines after watching a goat eat some of the foliage has been appropriated to Martin. Martin is also credited with introducing the Chenin blanc grape varietal, from which most of the white wine of western Touraine and Anjou is made.

More about St. Martin on Wikipedia

Message in a Bottle USB Drive

Designed by Saburo Sakata, the Message in a Bottle is a miniature “empty” glass bottle with a cork. Okay, so what? Well, it’s also a 4GB USB memory stick.

Message in a bottle USB stick
Message in a bottle USB stick – $28 USD

Message in a bottle usb stickIt’s, quite literally, a digital reincarnation of the romantic message-in-a-bottle. Imagine, in a couple years, walking along the beach and finding one of these washed up on shore!

With technology today it can sometimes feel that you have “nothing” because the digital world is unseen, even though it’s actually packed with content and data. Taking this motif of invisibility, the Message in a Bottle allows you to store your ideas in a minature bottle for safekeeping, complete with cork stopper.

Designer Saburo Sakata

Saburo Sakata (1985) Lives and works in Kyoto. He worked at Creative Unit Graf in Osaka from 2007 until 2011. Activities in the field of graphic design also planning, Direction and designing of hum product.

Message in a bottle box
Message in a bottle box

Monkey Light Wheel Light

The Monkey Light was developed to make riding at night just as fun as the day, and to share good cheer with those around us. The first thing you notice when you ride around town with a Monkey Light is how many smiles you get. Just remember to smile back!

Monkey Light 8-Bit Bike Wheel Light
Monkey Light 8-Bit Bike Wheel Light – $45.00

Bicycle Wheel Display System

The Monkey Light Pro creates stunning images and animations within a bicycle wheel. Once you’re rolling the display fills the bike wheel and is visible from both sides. The Monkey Light Pro is waterproof and durable, and is designed for use on city streets.

The Monkey Light Pro was successfully funded on Kickstarter. Earlier prototypes of the Monkey Light Pro were custom made for exhibits and developers only – you may have seen one at Maker Faire, Siggraph, Dragon’s Den, EuroBike, SXSW or at a museum.

Download images and animations to the Monkey Light Pro and display them while you ride. Use the web-based software to create a playlist with your own graphics, or choose from our collection of custom artwork. Then wirelessly send your playlist to the Monkey Light Pro.

Unique graphics synthesizer generates thousands of constantly changing patterns and colors, but can be easily adjusted to show just the designs you want.

  • Cabina Peg HolderUp to 40 hour runtime on 3 AA batteries.
  • Fits some 16″ and all 20″ and larger wheels.
  • Waterproof – for use in all weather.
  • Made in the USA.

Map Pin Coasters

Don’t remember where you put your drink? Or what year it is? If your friends are little lost, pin them exactly where their drinks should go with these Map Pin Coasters. Map not included.

Map Pin Coasters
Map Pin Coasters $15.00

Solid Cedar Loveseat By Jake PhippsCoaster Kit with 4 units (A, B, C and D)
Use for hot or cold items
Rubberized. Flexible.
Washable. Reusable.
Measures approx.: 3.4″x3.2″

Solid Cedar Loveseat By Jake Phipps

Sculptural twin seat in solid cedar. Designed to create conversation and romance. 

A sculptural loveseat suitable for indoors or outdoors in solid Cedar. Each piece is massive, enduring and solid as a rock, and there is a tenderness and grace of line that fills it with life. The fantastic rotational symmetry makes it a vibrant abstract sculpture; careful consideration of the human form makes it a comfortable, functional seat.

Solid Cedar Loveseat By Jake Phipps - $3,585 USD
Solid Cedar Loveseat By Jake Phipps – $3,585 USD

Solid Cedar Loveseat By Jake PhippsIt was the genteel Victorians who originally popularised the loveseat. Courting couples could whisper sweet nothings whilst remaining seated in a state of chaste restraint. Although we might laugh at such primness and exaggerated propriety, the loveseat remains a powerful symbol of love and romance.

The seat’s form suggests the duality of a loving and successful partnership: fundamentally opposed, yet with complimentary principles of balance and unity. Facing in opposite directions, a couple can share a conversation, with their different perspectives providing a more complete outlook on the world around them.

  • Material :  Solid Cedar
  • Dimensions :  L125cm x D50cm x H50cm
  • Manufactured by Riva 1920

Moonlight Wall Sticker

Clair de Lune is a glow-in-the-dark wall sticker based on an emotional design of the moon as a symbol of imagination.

Moonlight Wall Sticker - $27 USD
Moonlight Wall Sticker – $27 USD

Moonlight Wall StickerIt includes 65 individual frames of the lunar mosaic images taken from Nantes, France by astronomy photographer Norbert. In the dark Clair de Lune gives you a dream-like experience by illuminating with the magical glow.

Wall sticker made of PVC sheet.

Medium size (29cm H + 21cm W + .5mm )

Using a real photo of the moon, taken from Nantes, West France, these fantastic massive moon stickers absorb light in the day and as night falls emit a soft beautiful green glow. These stickers come on high quality vinyl with a strong permanent adhesive back so you can stick to your walls or ceilings for a fantastic unusual and staggering piece of contemporary luminous art. Available in a rather large 50cm diameter and a whopping 100cm diameter which makes the image four times the area than the large one! These glow moon stickers are the kind of ‘glow in the dark’ stickers we could only dream of as children, but now we can have them in all their huge glowing glory. These stickers are also available in medium and small so that you can make your own moon wall art or use to decorate kids rooms.

The large moonlight sticker includes nine bonus moons, three with an 8cm diameter and six with a 3.5cm diameter in grey. The extra large sticker comes with three sets of bonus moons one at 16cm diameter, two at 7.5cm diameter, two at 4.5cm diameter and two at 2.5cm diameter each set of seven bonus moons comes in grey, pink and green totaling a fabulous twenty one bonus moons!

  • Large and extra large glow in the dark moon wall art
  • Real image of a full moon taken on February 23rd 2005 by Norbert Rumiano
  • Size: large: 50cm diameter, extra large: 100cm diameter
  • Large moonlight sticker comes with 9 bonus moon stickers
  • Extra large moonlight sticker comes with a whopping 21 bonus moon stickers!
  • Extra strong adhesive film


The Moonlight wall sticker has a strong adhesive film that can be used on various wall types, however once the image has been stuck it can be difficult to re-locate the image without damaging the sticker.

  • 1. Find a clean, flat surface with maximum access to the rooms lighting
  • 2. For the best moonlight effect the room must have lighting with an on/off control
  • 3. To prevent installation mistakes it’s recommended that 2-3 people help to place the sticker on the wall. Person one will hold the wall sticker on the wall, person two will press the sticker gently from centre out to the sides; and person three will peel off the back paper slowly.

Eden Ring by Five and Two

One of a kind crystal nuggets are grasped by gold claws. Ring shank and setting are brass.

Eden Ring by Five and Two
Eden Ring by Five and Two – $145 USD
  • Eden Ring by Five and TwoHand made in the USA.
  • Each item is unique and construction may vary.
  • All of these items are made to order.
  • Additional jewelry on model sold separately.

More about five and two

Made in California, five and two is a jewelry collection inspired by magic that is find in nature. They like to think that they are dreamers and maybe a little bit hopeless romantic. Their passion for life is mirrored in their handcrafted work. They are often inspired by the free spirit lifestyle as well as the joy and love that surround them. Ethereal crystals and dainty chains are just a few of our favorite things that remain strong themes in each collection. The mission of fiven and two is to make you feel beautiful with the beautiful things they find in nature.

“She’s mad but she’s magic. There’s no lie in her fire.” –Charles Bukowski

Eden Ring by Five and Two - $145 USD
Eden Ring by Five and Two – $145 USD

Simmons Surfboard by Tilley

A lightweight and hydrodynamic surfboard inspired by Bob Simmons. Still very durable compared to a polyester board. Three full wraps of 4oz cloth and one wrap of 1.4oz cloth. Two layers are vacuum bagged giving you a tighter, stronger lamination.

Simmons Surfboard by Tilley - $900 USD
Simmons Surfboard by Tilley – $900 USD

Simmons Surfboard by TilleyWood: Poplar, Red Cedar or Mahogony.

Tips for taking care of your surfboard:

  • Excessive heat and leaks are the two things to keep an eye out for.
  • If you ding your board, fix it, dont surf it. Carry epoxy solarez or dingstick and sandpaper to keep you surfing, but remember, leaking shotty ding repair is a notorious board killer. Dry out the board completely and do a quality ding repair with epoxy. Better yet, bring it to me or another professional ding repair shop
  • Do not leave your board in direct hot sunlight for extended lengths of time. Take a board bag to the beach, throw it under a bush. Keep it out of hot cars.
  • Use a padded board bag, they are well worth the small investment, talk to me at the time of purchase, I can set you up if needed.
  • When a board heats up in the sun it exhales (expands), this is when you will see water or bubbles come out of it, dry and fix. When a board hits the cold water it inhales(contracts), this is why you dont want any leaks in the fiberglass.

Disco Hammock

This Shiny Silver Reflective Disco Hammock is based on ENO’s DoubleNest Hammock. Compact and lightweight, this disco hammock is big enough for two and luxurious for one (400-pound capacity).

Disco Hammock
Disco Hammock – $108
  • Disco HammockDimensions: 9’4” x 6’2” (unfolded), 4” x 5” (folded)
  • Weighs 20 ounces
  • Aluminum wiregate carabiners
  • Heavy duty triple-stitched seams
  • Quick-drying nylon
  • Attached compression stuff sack

Please Note: This hammock includes carabiners, but does not come with straps for hanging it on porches, trees, battleship decks, and more. Must purchase separately (Atlas Suspension System) in options.

Disco Hammock - $108
Disco Hammock – $108

SPGBK South Beach Wood Watch

SPGBK South Beach Wood WatchThe South Beach Watch boasts a bold cyan dial with a gold and natural wood bracelet. $80

Adjustable band | 100% maple wood | Unisex watch | Hypo-allergenic

The SPGBK South Beach is the definition of a “Spring Break” watch. This dynamic, wooden timepiece sports a cyan colored dial with gold trim. Inspired by the spirit of South Miami Beach, SPGBK made this watch for our most creative supporters. Enhance your vibe and style with the SPGBK South Beach.

SPGBK South Beach Wood Watch
SPGBK South Beach Wood Watch
SPGBK South Beach Wood Watch
SPGBK South Beach Wood Watch



Yes, the watch band links are adjustable. The links can be removed just like a regular metal linked watch. We recommend that you take your watch to a professional jeweler or watch repair shop to have the links removed. We don’t encourage any of our customers to remove the links themselves. Contact us directly if you have any questions related to the links being removed.


Considering that our watches are made from real wood, they are splash proof, meaning they do well with water and won’t cause harm, but they aren’t completely waterproof.

You-Bumi Waterproof Book Cover Bath Bag

Sure, there are lots of waterproof pouches and cases out there, meaning you can enjoy your smartphone or tablet in the rain, shower or even under the sea. But what about a book?

You-Bumi Waterproof Book Cover Bath Bag
You-Bumi Waterproof Book Cover Bath Bag – $85

BUYThe people of Japan are a curious mix of analog and hi-tech, and the You-Bumi Waterproof Book Cover Bath Bag springs right out of that hybrid sensibility. If you want to enjoy your favorite tome but haven’t made the shift to the digital revolution yet, the You-Bumi Waterproof Book Cover Bath Bag has you covered for every eventuality, including reading in the bath.

Do not submerge.

Can hold a range of book sizes (max. around 196 x 140mm, 7.7 x 5.5″).

Native Maine Guide Boots by Yuketen

Made from a Loden Green chromexcel leather, the Native Maine Guide boot has a native American concho and bead detailing on the outerside of each shoe with beautiful embossed detailing on the toe.

Native Maine Guide Boots by Yuketen
Native Maine Guide Boots by Yuketen – $735

yuketenWith a Vibram sole and goodyear welt construction added to the chromexcel leather this is one of the most comfortable boots in Yuketen’s collection.

About Yuketen

Since 1985, Yuketen visionary Yuki Matsuda has championed the classic inspired brand of footwear and luggage to considerable global acclaim. Amidst Yuki’s tireless quest for quality and authenticity he has paid homage to skilled craftsmanship and tradition by discovering rare handmade examples of leather artifacts from all over the world. While Yuketen remains steadfast as an American brand, Yuki’s constant global travels have destined him to befriend some of the most talented and exacting artisans of leather, footwear, and luggage in regions throughout the world resulting in rewarding collaborative teamwork unrestricted by political borders. Incited by excellence and multiple generations of experience, these workers’ genuine human nature and precise skills rival the pure beauty of their ornate works.  Yuketen is the culmination of inspired heritage, boldness of character, and vigorous spirit enlivened by the hands and hearts of these men and women, our respected predecessors.

Each Yuketen article begins with utmost thought and research and is constructed solely by aged hands of high-skill and years of experience.  Yuketen’s meticulous quality and artistic aesthetic is a testimony to the achievements of these skilled and dedicated hands.  Proven shoemaking techniques employed by Yuketen craftsmen include American moccasin construction, Goodyear welt construction, Norwegian welt construction, and sidewall-stitch sneaker construction.  Careful consideration is invested in selecting all components and raw materials for Yuketen articles.  Our soft, supple, naked leathers tanned and curried by the most respected leather makers in the world are instrumental to ensure longevity and durability of our products to faithfully withstand the test of time.  Yuketen utilizes specialized soling components such as Vibram custom-made outsoles and Cortina Italian Alpine trekking outsoles as unique and functional foundations.  Conceptual design elements such as Giugiaro design hooks and pinked leather welt are artfully incorporated while lamb-soft virgin American wool affords unparalleled warmth and comfort amidst a chilly winter frost

The final touches that complete a Yuketen product are the lifework of the owner; folds, creases, scuffs, and scratches from hard wearing, fingerprints, footprints, or the shiny patina from constant contact with one’s skin.  These physical rewards exist permanently as traces of reliable service in the line of duty.

Yuketen pride is derived from the knowledge that our footwear and luggage are the envy of every man with a spirit of adventure.  The proof can be found at Yuketen stockists throughout the world.  May you enjoy the products of our labor wherever your journey takes you….

Belmond Hotel Cipriani George Clooney

George Clooney in the Belmond Hotel Cipriani

Getting wed at the Cipriani

George Clooney is a real nice guy, however exactly what we actually wish to understand is if I can get wed at the Cipriani. This is the wedding venue information from the web site of the hotel:.

Venice makes the heart beat faster. Luxurious architecture immediated by water, gondoliers serenading couples as they wander down slim canals. It’s a genuinely special backdrop for your wedding. With gardens when host to Casanova, and panoramic shallows views, Belmond Hotel Cipriani is the ideal location. From a church event to a true blessing on a gondola, our specialists will satisfy any demand. Permit us to care for every information. As well as longer details in the very detailed and useful wedding factsheet. It give s us an idea of the range of possibilities, from ceremony to reception to bridal suite however no prices. For that we need to make a query. Ofcourse, all depends on the number of guests that you take with you, they quantity of rooms that you desire to occupy and for how long. My guess is, it will certainly take a great deal of cash, and a great deal of time to book in advence.

Wedding of George Clooney

Belmond Hotel Cipriani in Venice

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The Wing Blanket by Vík Prjónsdóttir

The Wing Blanket, designed by Vík Prjónsdóttir, is available in four different birds.

Wing Blanket
The Wing Blanket by Vík Prjónsdóttir – $350 USD

BUYMade from Icelandic sheep wool.
200 cm x 72 cm | 79 x 28 inch

VÍK PRJÓNSDÓTTIR is a creative brand that designs and produces quality products from Icelandic sheep wool; a unique and sustainable source. Its combination of fibers results in a wool that is warm, light-weight and water-repellent.

VÍK PRJÓNSDÓTTIR is inspired by myths and stories, from the past as well from the present. She is fascinated by nature as well as urban life, believes in the beyond and respects the hidden world. Vík Prjónsdóttir has passion for local cultures and production.

VÍK PRJÓNSDÓTTIR is a owned by the designers Brynhildur Pálsdóttir, Gudfinna Mjöll Magnúsdóttir, Thuríður Sigurþórsdóttir. Their common interest in applying the form and magic of everyday items into their designs is evident in Vík Prjónsdóttir products. They believe that it’s their task as designers to make use of the natural materials and conditions that exist in Iceland. Their ambition with Vík Prjónsdóttir is to show an unconventional image of the Icelandic woollen industry by developing new products with traditional Icelandic material.

Metal Hanging Wall Letters

These industrial style letters are definitely something to write home about.

Metal Hanging Wall Letters
Metal Hanging Wall Letters – $60 USD

BUYSpell out a name, a word of encouragement or even supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Good luck with that last one. Priced per letter.

Inspired by vintage marquee lights.

Each letter has a depth of 2.75″ which allows any flat surface to double as a shelf. Features hooks on back for easy hanging. (Hanging hardware not included.)

Can be hung on the wall or set on any shelf or bookcase.

Made of iron.

Ex Boyfriend Tears Flask

The whole-bottle-of-wine-at-home thing is so last week.

Ex Boyfriend Tears Flask – $20.00

BUYTake a swig from this 6 ounce engraved stainless steel flask and you’ll be dropping it low in no time.

Added bonus: ex-boyfriend tears have no calories.

Ex Boyfriend Tears was founded by designer Lauren Hom. One day at the office after listening to Beyonce for 96 hours straight, she was feeling especially sassy and stuck this post-it note on her water bottle as a joke. The rest is pretty much history, like your ex.

LED Rainfall Showerhead

LED Rainfall Showerhead illuminates up to three different colors in green, blue, red and flashing red and will definitely provide you with a unique shower experience. 

LED Rainfall Showerhead
LED Rainfall Showerhead – $130 USD

BUYNo battery needed, making it an environmentally-friendly product.

This 10- inch overhead showerhead has a swivel connector allowing you to adjust the angle of spray.

LED color changing according to water temperature

Fit to standard G1/2″ aperture shower arm

360 degree swivel and removable to clean

Wood Sunglasses by Montaigne Street X Wood Fellas

The wood sunglasses are a Montaigne Street X Wood Fellas collaboration. The limited edition sunglasses feature a spaced out multi-shape hexagon silhouette.

Wood Sunglasses
Wood Sunglasses by Montaigne Street X Wood Fellas – $360 USD

BUYEach pair comes in a screen printed galaxy bag inside a black wooden bamboo box. The Planete Sombre logo is has been lasered onto the glasses, box & bag.

Like all Wood Fellas products, the wooden shades are handmade out of recycled wood.

Hyperflexible hinges and polarized lenses make for maximum comfort & UV protection.

– Height: 5.00 cm/ 1.95 in,

– Length 15.00 cm/ 5.85 in

– Depth 15.00 cm/ 5.85 in

Faccia Planters

The Faccia (fmeans “face” in Italian) Planter is sure to be a unique focal point for any outdoor setting.

Faccia Planters
Faccia Planters – $100 USD

BUYThe lower half of a face makes up the planter bowl.

– Small (shown in Greystone): 11.5″x7″, 20 lbs

– Medium (shown in Natural): 16″x10″, 40 lbs

– Large (shown in Greystone): 22″x14″, 90 lbs

Floating bed

This round, hanging, rocking motion Floating Bed includes bed, ceiling hanging hardware, foam-fabric padding for stainless steel hoop of bed, custom round memory foam mattress with zippered cover. Indoor or outdoor use, water and weather proof.

Floating Bed
Floating Bed – $3795.00

BUYThe Floating Bed™ is an advanced hanging bed. It’s gentle rocking provides better sleep, health benefits & the feeling of floating. With a Memory Foam mattress, a flat sleep surface, adjustable firmness, durable & weather proof, rated to hold 1000 lbs.

– Double – 6′ 6″ diameter
– Queen – 7′ 4′ diameter
– King – 8′ diamter
**Please note: Throw pillows pictured are not included.

A new, better way to sleep, relax and heal

Is your family getting the best sleep possible? 70 million Americans have chronic sleep problems. Almost no one is getting ideal sleep. Modern life, stress – many things contribute to our nationwide epidemic of unhealthy sleep, which in turn is causing other health problems, physical & psychological. They include poor performance at work, in relationships, erratic behavior, accidents, & diseases. Simply improving sleep quality will dramatically improve your health.

So why can’t our sleep time be enjoyable too? Even better, what if your bed could actively contribute to your health, not just lie there?

Luxury Cruise Vacations

Luxury Cruise Vacations

Get up, go to work, go home, and go to bed. Repeat. Your lifestyle is a recipe for disaster. All work and no play make Johnny, and Jane, perfectly miserable.

When you’ve had enough of the rat race and just need to get away, a luxury cruise vacation is just the ticket. Luxurycruise vacations offer pure paradise for a week, a month or even six months. Nothing to do but lie back, relax and let the ocean carry you away.

Choosing to take a luxury cruise vacation is one of the easiest decisions you’ll ever make. The tricky part is deciding when to leave, and when to come back. Chances are, you’ll want to leave tomorrow and never return. Unfortunately we all have to return to reality at some point, but even a few days on a luxury cruise vacation is better than none at all.

Work with your travel agent in planning your departure and return dates. You’ll be surprised at the difference a week can make in rates and availability. If cost is a factor, take advantage of off-season discounts and you can save a bundle. Booking well in advance can help you to save a few bucks. Adventurous types who are in a position to drop everything can sometimes catch a break with last-minute bookings.

Think about where you’d like to go for your dream getaway. There are countless options available, depending on where you’d like to travel and what you’d like to see. Check the itineraries of different cruise packages to determine which ports of call you’d like to explore. Of course, you may decide the perfect vacation activity for you is simply basking away on the ship’s pool deck. If that’s the case, you can just book the cruise without worrying about day trips along the way. The time you have available plays a big role in deciding when and where you will travel. Even the shortest luxury cruise vacation can be packed with fun and excitement.

The fun part is actually booking and preparing for your vacation. Once you’ve made the arrangements, you can get up and go to work with smile on your face, as you count down the days till your luxury cruise vacation. Bon Voyage!